2008 · Degree in photography “I.E.S Aramo” - Oviedo, Asturias, Spain.
2010 · Fashion photography course at “Espacio Buenos Aires” - Bs.As, Argentina.
2012 · Fashion & Publicity Photography course at “Fotodesign Academy” - Bs.As, Argentina.
2014 · Theater lightning course “The Argentine Theater and Office School” · La Plata, Argentina.
2017 · Creativity and Contemporary Strategies in Photography course by Javier Vallhonrat at Efti Madrid.


2016 · Shifting Spaces at W139 Gallery coordinated by Sandra Gnjatovic and Eric Peter. - Amsterdam, NL 
2018 · El tendedero residence, filming, photographic documentation and experimental research of videoperformance dance collective “El Tendedero” for K-Barré Festival at Rennes 2 University of France

2020 ·  Making visual and sound pieces in relation to the happiness of shared solitudes at Gullkistan Center for Creativity  


2015 · Creative Postproduction workshop at “TAE” The Argentine Theater - La Plata, Argentina.
2018 · Photography and Styling workshop in collaboration with “Ied Madrid & Inditexcareers” - Madrid, Spain.
2018 · Summer Junior Fashion Stylist,  “Photographer as the right hand of the stylist” - Madrid, Spain.
2018 · Visual narrative on Fashion and Communication Degree at European Design Institute (IED) - Madrid, Spain.
2019 · Professor in photo and styling workshop in collab with IED Madrid & Inditex Staging and directing a session in fashion photography for stylists in training - Madrid, Spain.
2019 to present, photographer, producer and assistant of Food Artist Alicia Rios and Ali & Cia Colective. Worldwide
2020 · Auditive sonorities “Los objetos proyectan paisajes sonoros” Workshop for children and teenagers on creating soundscapes with everyday
objects at Gullkistan Residency - Laugarvatn,Iceland.


2017 · Oysho Sleep Wear Campaign by Ernesto Artillo - Madrid, Spain.
2017 · Escaparatist in “Las Rozas Village” for “Art meets fashion” with Ernesto Artillo - Madrid, Spain.
2017 · Art and Scenic Direction for Vogue Spain contest  “Who’s on Next” with designer Leandro Cano - Madrid, Spain.


- I.E.S Aramo Asturias, España. (Collective)

- La Protectora Galería. La Plata, Argentina. (Collective)

- Casa Animal. La Plata, Argentina. (Collective)
- Oquio Studio. La Plata, Argentina. (Collective)
- Casa Brava. La Plata, Argentina. (Collective)
- En Eso Estamos. La Plata, Argentina. (Collective)
- El Moura. La Plata, Argentina. (Collective)
- Escuela Tae Teatro Argentino, La Plata, Argentina (Collective)
- El Dice. City Bell, Argentina (Solo)

- Ciclo DIORAMA, cortometrajes y biografías de artistas, La Plata, Argentina (Solo)
- Galeria Siberia, La Plata, Argentina. (Collective)
- Revista Ramera, La Plata, Argentina. (Collective)
- Oquio Estudio, Man-i-obra, La Plata, Argentina. (Collective)
- Galpon de la Grieta, La Plata, Argentina. (Solo)
- La Noche de los Museos, Centro Cultural Paco Urondo, Buenos Aires, Argentina. (Collective)

- Le Fisher Man, Museo Bellas Artes Emilio Petorutti, La Plata, Argentina. (Solo)
- Juan Borgognoni & Space Projects, Amsterdam, Holanda. (Solo)

- Güeyumar. Ribadesella, Asturias, España. (Solo)

- Derrumbe, La Plata, Argentina. (Colective)
- Spaghetti Varnissage Webzine, Palacio de las Alhajas, Madrid, España.(Collective)
- Flecha, Feria de Arte Contemporáneo, Madrid, España. (Collective)
- Archipielaga, Juice Box Gallery, Madrid, España. (Solo)
- Exposición fotográfica itinerante del Museo Bellas Artes Emilio Petorutti, Madrid, España. (Collective)
- Hybrid Festival, Dentro del cuerpo de una Cortina. Madrid, España. (Collective)

- Spaghetti Varnissage Webzine, Palacio de las Alhajas, Madrid, España. (Collective)
- Hybrid Festival on visual arts: Shortfilm “Metamorphosynthesis”. (Collective)
- FEI Art Space opening ceremony. - Presentation of sound piece “Metamorphosynthesis extended” (Solo)

- El Pájaro azul magazine. Soundscape piece “Winter Tropic”  (Solo)
- El vestido es una casa para el cuerpo (Solo)

- Vogue Spain,Vein Magazine,Harpers Bazaar,Para Ti Magazine,Neo2 Magazine,Kluid Magazine, Sicky Magazine, ICON El Pais.